How does an electric cylinder work?

An electric cylinder is a device that moves between two points in a linear motion. Electric cylinders are available on the basis of a variety of technologies, including mechanical, electromechanical, direct electric (linear motors), hydraulic and pneumatic.


Electromechanical cylinders are also known as electric cylinders, the primary drive being an electric motor.


Electric wireless remote control cylinders convert the rotary motion of the electric motor into linear motion by means of two main components: a gearbox (rotary motion) and a lead screw (linear motion). There are 3 types of screw threads used in our linear electric cylinders: Machine screws, ball screws and roller screws.

wireless remote control

The rotation of the electric motors drives the primary gear of the gearbox which, via one or more gear stages, drives the output shaft of the gearbox (final gear). This turns in unison with the lead screw. As the lead screw rotates, the nut that couples with the lead screw moves along the screw and converts the rotational motion into linear motion.


Compared to screw jacks, electric cylinders offer a pre-assembled linear actuator control kit with complete lead screw protection (fully closed inside the cylinder), an integrated electric motor, integrated mounting options and control feedback devices.


Electric cylinders are suitable for low to high efficiency applications in most industrial sectors and offer a better solution than hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in most cases.

Everything about roller shutter

Rolling shutter doors are widely used, and electric rolling shutter doors have become typical representatives of rolling shutters. What are the main advantages of electric rolling shutter doors? What is the working principle of the electric roller shutter motor? The following are some relevant introductions.

What is the shutter door?

All doors with electric and manual lifting and folding functions are called rolling shutters. The door body is made of high-quality stainless steel and it adopts the principle of parallelogram to transfer and flexibly expand and contract. The driver is driven by a special motor and can be opened and closed manually during a power failure. The rolling shutter long rage wireless remote door is of a telescopic shed type, which has the characteristics of smooth opening and closing, a see-through door body, and a small occupied space after opening.

shutter remote

The use of rolling shutters

Rolling shutter doors are suitable for garden wall doors in industrial and mining enterprises, institutions and institutions, entertainment venues, hotels and restaurants.

Electric shutter door working principle

The electric shutter door body is made of high-quality stainless steel, and it adopts the principle of parallelogram to transfer and flexibly expand and contract. The driver consists of a motorized shutter door opener and a door wireless remote control system. The electric shutter door opener consists of a motor and a speed reducer, and is equipped with an automatic or manual clutch, which can be opened or closed automatically or manually when the power is cut off.


In today’s ever-changing science and technology, many products are constantly making amazing progress. If you do not want to be eliminated by the times, then satisfying people’s changing needs is a road to success in the future, so businesses must meet people’s needs.

How to configure your universal remote control?

The universal remote control is one of the technological revolutions of our time. From its beginnings until now, it has always attracted so many individuals. The reason for this enthusiasm lies in the fact that it is able to control more than one device at the same time. Among the many equipment that it can control are the gate, the garage door, the shutters and blinds as well as the television set. Some models are equipped with advanced features that allow for example to perform several actions one after the other by pressing only one button. These are macro functions that give you the opportunity to turn on or off multiple devices, or simply turn one device on and off.

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If you have purchased a new remote control switch, it is always important to set it so that your equipment is controlled correctly. To do this, you need to configure every piece of equipment in your home. Also, you must first turn on the device to be configured. Then press the setting button on the remote control. You will only have to program it, which can be executed in three very distinct ways.


Use of code

When you purchase your universal remote control, you will have in your hands a list of codes for each device and each brand. By using these codes with the main functions of your remote control, setup will be completed in no time. So, enter the code once you have opened the setting option. Then press STOP to save the code and test to see if it works.


Starting the automatic search

For this process, you will have to search for the signal compatible with your equipment. Simply point the long range remote control at the device you want to manage and start the automatic search. As soon as this action is completed, your equipment will shut down, which will end the program. Then turn your device back on and check. If your remote control does not work on your equipment, find other signals and so on.


Teach-in configuration

This approach is the longest, but it is worth it since it allows you to perfectly configure your remote control. All you need to do is learn all the options of your old remote one by one. Therefore, put your two remote controls face to face and activate the learning function by clicking on their respective keys. All you have to do is test your new equipment.